Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Glencaple Dumfries & Galloway 2nd January 2012


This is one of our favourite walks but because it's near a road we have to stay on our leads,but we get to walk along the river,today was a lovely day the sun was shining but it was quite cold,so we had to keep pulling mum along to keep warm.
When we got to the far end a dog,a Labrador I think came running out of it's garden to come and see us,she was lovely and friendly and wanted to play,so did we,she ran away for us to chase,so we did,but when we turned round mummy was on the floor,we had pulled her over,we went over to see if she was ok,and she muttered something about her knee,not sure what she was talking about really,but she did say some very naughty words.
We then walked back the same way back to the car,we were walking for nearly 2 and a half hours.

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