Saturday, 3 March 2012

Ken-dee marshes and Mossdale - Dumfries and Galloway

We let mum have a lie in this morning,so we didn't set off in the car until 11am,and then mum stopped off at KFC as she said she was hungry,pah and she didn't even give us any chicken.!!
We then seemed to travel for ages in the car until we got to a car park,mum said it was going to be a good walk,but it was just down a farm track,after we had walked for a while mum told us to turn round and we went back the same way.not much of a walk.
But then we travelled some more in the car and stopped again,this time it was a lot better,we had an old railway line,moorland and forest to walk on,but we couldn't do the proper walk all the way as the big tree eating machines were in this forest too and the path was blocked,so we had to walk back along the road,boring.!

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